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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I start alterations?
    Brides should have a first fitting no later than 3-4 months before the wedding. Mothers and Bridesmaids should start around 6 to 8 weeks before. Camrin is already filling up for 2024 and 2025 clients!

    Contact Camrin well in advance even if the dress has not arrived yet or you plan on losing weight. Once spots fill up Camrin is no longer able to accept any new clients. You should reach out well before you are ready to begin to get on the reservation list!


  • How much do alterations cost?
    Due to the fact that every gown is very different and every body type is different it is near impossible to quote prices until Camrin sees you in the dress! She does her very best to keep prices low and she has been told by countless customers that her prices are lower than other shops they have been to. Prices would be quoted at the first fitting. Camrin is happy to discuss budget with you at your first fitting should you have any concerns at all!

    If you would like a price estimate prior to your first fitting, a $60 consultation is available! Should you choose to use Camrin as your seamstress, $30 of that consultation fee will go towards your alterations bill!


  • What do I need to bring to the fitting?
    You will need to bring your shoes and whatever undergarments you plan to wear (bra, spanx, crinoline etc). You will need these exact items at every fitting to ensure accuracy! Please also see the next question about undergarments!


  • Can I go without a bra?
    Camrin always says, of all days for your bust line to look its best, the wedding day is it! If wearing a bra is a possibility with your gown, a majority of the time a bra will not only make the dress look better, but also fit better, AND save you in alteration costs!

    **Some gowns do not offer much coverage in the back for wearing bras. We understand a bra just might not be possible with a sheer or open back! Camrin does have bra cups that can be sewn into the dress if you can get away without a bra. We also carry a line of adhesive products to assist with support! It is ALWAYS recommended to bring a bra even if you are unsure if you will wear one. Sometimes cups work, but sometimes a bra works best if it will be hidden. 


  • Do you only do bridal gowns?
    No! We LOVE to provide the perfect fit for your entire bridal party! We also tailor prom gowns, and any other type of dress or gown! 


  • Can you alter my regular clothing?
    Yes! Camrin can alter all women's regular clothing. She is currently not accepting men's tailoring. Please keep in mind that Winter is the BEST time to go through your closet and bring Camrin the items you need tailored! But we do accept any women's clothing throughout the year!

Camrin Edwards Seamstress and Wedding Coordinator, Reading Pa
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